New(ish) to the Blogging World!

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a blog for a LONG time and that idea has finally come into fruition!

This is technically not my first experience with blogging, as I had a blog I used for school during my time in my post-graduate program. The problem was that I was restricted to what I could post about. All topics had to relate back to what I was studying, which was Communications. And blogging about just PR related things just felt like…work.

I firmly believe that you should write about things you are passionate about.

So here I am!

But what am I going to write about this time? Well I suppose “healthy lifestyle” is the easiest way to sum it up.

I love to bake. Really love to bake. If it were humanly possible, I would live off baked goods. But not just any kind of baking…healthy baking! I’m always trying to find healthy and/or vegan recipes to share with others. Lately I’ve been known to bring desserts to any social gathering.

Like these vegan vanilla cupcakes


Or this chocolate avocado pudding


Or this mini chocolate-chip cake with coconut milk ice cream and agave (swoon!)


So a little bit about me: The name is Bridget, but I prefer Bee or Bri. I’m a twenty-something country gal living in Ontario. I’m a recent graduate working in the Communications field.


Along with my love of baking, I enjoy writing, travelling, photography and film. I’m technically vegetarian, but I like to think that I’m about 95% vegan.

I’m excited to see where this blogging experience will take me and thanks to anyone who read this post (and hopefully continues reading my future posts!)


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